Home sauna, steam room & spa construction experts Milk Leisure now offer tailored cool room designs


Find inspiration in wellness with a tailor-made home sauna: how custom spa & cool rooms designs can change your life


Bespoke saunas are becoming an increasingly common feature in homes & hospitality centres, and home & commercial spa operators can trust Milk to deliver exciting designs in any wellness architecture project. With our specialist team working on each project, clients can expect a finished project that is visually stunning, innovative yet practical, unique yet effective.

We use leading spa designers, engineers and installers to create ground-breaking designs from your vision, built around the needs of users and founded on years of engineering and architecture experience. Our veteran spa construction experts produce bespoke sauna & cool room designs with an uncompromising attitude to excellence, all the time.


Cool rooms are an essential dimension of a spa experience, as important to the authentic heat treatment process as sauna itself. As with all our processes, our cool room designs are innovative, stylish, and perfectly tuned to complete your bespoke wellness experience with an invigorating, icy finish.

How do cool rooms work?

Just as a traditional Scandinavian sauna experience famously ends with a roll in the snow or a dip in an icy lake, a cool room, or ‘snow room’ allows you to lower body temperature, closing the pores and producing an invigorating boost to circulation. Cool rooms have been a dimension of heat treatments since ancient times, when the Romans visited a frigidarium, or cold pool, sometimes cooled with snow, to end their visit to the baths. These days, whether it’s a self-contained room or a simple ice-water apparatus contained within your spa facility, this bracing experience is an essential part of the heat treatment journey for those who want the full sauna experience.

Let your wellness dream become a reality with Milk Leisure, the commercial & home sauna experts. Bespoke sauna and cool room designs from our team have been transforming homes and businesses around the UK for decades- so speak to us about what we can do for you today.