A-Z of wellness design with Milk Leisure

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A is for architecture
Spa architecture is a very special area of a wider field, combining aesthetics with functionality and durability, often contained in limited space. It involves balancing all the normal design considerations- such as light, space and colour, with the practical demands of creating contained spaces for specific treatments. All of this while folding the client’s unique vision into our design.

B is for bespoke
There’s no experience quite as special as your first bespoke spa, steam room or sauna treatment. Customised to your needs and built to your vision, it turns your wellness dream into reality. By combining our experience as nationally-trusted bespoke spa designers & installers, we provide a full range of custom spa design services.

C is for customisation
Custom made steam rooms, custom spa designs, saunas and cool rooms, and more! Milk Leisure are synonymous with creating the ultimate tailored wellness spaces for our clients. Whatever your specific requirements or aesthetic preferences, we style each blueprint to each client individually.

D is for day spa interior design
A day spa can be a fantastic treat for anyone, with benefits for health, mindfulness and outlook, as well as a luxurious relaxation therapy. Ideal for an occasional treat, the day spa experience is now the basis for a booming branch of the wellness industry, with hotels and resorts around the UK providing their own day spa service. This competitive environment means that creating a unique day spa interior design is becoming an ever larger area of our work.

E is for environment
We take the environmental impact of all our spa construction services very seriously. From using environmentally responsible materials to minimising environmental impact during construction, our team works hard to limit disruption to the environment in our projects.

F is for financial sense
Every building project has a budget, and your spa installation is no different. Innovation and creativity and a drive to produce inspiring designs are one thing but all that creativity doesn’t go far if we can’t deliver every project on time and under budget. Our custom saunas, spas and steam rooms are managed to provide clarity, confidence and above all to make good financial sense.

G is for good health
The goal and foundation of all wellness therapies. Mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health are born from being in a place of peace and relaxation. We believe wellness is a central part of everyday well being for millions, and we’re proud to continue pushing the boundaries in this field.

H is for home AND hotel!
We prioritise all our spa design clients, from commercial hospitality providers, to private residences- so we couldn’t choose between them! Hotel spa design and home steam room, sauna or spa architecture are our specialties and our carefully selected team of expert designers, architects, fitter and installers excel at them both.
Each design and installation we perform is unique and we consult each client throughout the process to ensure their vision is translated into every aspect of the finished space. Whether a hotel spa or a home sauna, UK wide design and installation from our experts means your wellness facility will be finished to the highest quality, regardless of size.

I is for installation
Spa installation means bringing your custom spa design into reality, with beautiful designs and quality materials taken care of, our team bring their considerable experience to bear ensuring a smooth & efficient installation, minimising disruption to your home or business and providing a professional, customer-driven service. Whether at work or home, steam room and sauna installation should create as little impact as possible and our team oversee these installations to provide maximum flexibility & customer satisfaction.



milk leisure spa installation project


J is for Jacuzzi
The archetypal aquatherapy is where it all started- at home or in spas, around the world the relaxing benefits of water therapy was brought to millions. While less of an important part of spa treatments today, it nonetheless opened to door to relaxation therapies to develop into the multi-million pound industry they are today.

K is for key concepts
Luxury. Beauty. Innovation. Practicality. Sustainability. Professionalism. The core concepts underlying every Milk Leisure project keep us at the cutting edge of an industry that’s always evolving. Our mission is to create greatness in all our sauna & spa designs, while producing a flawlessly effective, aesthetically stunning and environmentally sound finished project.

L is for luxury
Luxury spa design is all about recognising what makes each spa treatment truly special to each individual, and continuing to reach for the highest standards throughout the design & construction process. We’re a proven provider of luxury spa architecture, design & construction, with deluxe projects across the country.

M is for manufacturing
Quality manufacturing is the foundation of any project, and the highest standards of materials and workmanship are essential if you want to produce a finished spa facility that can provide prolonged & sustainable luxury over years of use.

N is for new ideas
How do we know we use the latest concepts in spa design? Because we lead the way! Innovation is one of our fundamental core values, and with our team of architects we continue to press for new advances in spa design & engineering, finding new ways to create a truly magical experience for clients.

O is for original design
We don’t believe in following the herd- our team of dedicated spa architects strive for totally unique designs that are carefully tailored to each client and each space. We involve all our clients throughout the spa construction process to ensure every detail is in line with the concept our clients create.

P is for people
Bringing the right people into each project is at the core of our philosophy. We use dedicated professionals to provide each spa construction project with the top available talent in the industry, in order to produce a truly special finished product.

Q is for quality
At the end of the day, whatever the specifics of your spa facility, there’s no goal higher in our minds than producing a high quality space customised to your needs and designed throughout to deliver the highest standards of wellness and relaxation. Used by thousands each year, Milk Leisure’s designs are synonymous with excellence and high standards.

R is for reliability
Delivering a consistently high standard of service is a cornerstone of Milk Leisure’s philosophy. We pride ourselves on the reliability of our team, so when you use Milk Leisure, you can trust that your spa or wellness facility can be designed and built with the highest efficiency and professionalism.

S is for spa!
Spa design is the centre of our work- though we provide the entire range of wellness & relaxation spaces to suit the needs of any business or individual. With the increasing diversity of the wellness industry, and the wider demands of the public, we see ourselves producing an increasingly varied range of products for our clients.

T is for thermal treatments
Wellness is always changing and improving, but as therapies become ever more advanced, thermal treatments continue to remain the cornerstone of wellness. Designing & building a spa facility that can provide an effective thermal treatment & aquatherapy while withstanding the rigours of years of use is one of the fundamental challenges of the spa designer. Luckily our team’s enviable track record shows we can consistently deliver excellence in all areas of spa architecture & construction.

U is for unique
Truly, Milk Leisure is the home of custom spa & sauna design. We don’t carry a standard package or catalogue, we have a team of architects working on every project to produce a truly stand-alone piece of spa architecture. Just as every client is unique, so should your wellness space be.

V is for vision
The foundation of every spa construction project. We don’t sell our spas out of a catalogue- your vision and your ideal is the first step in the journey to enjoying your dream wellness experience. Speak to our team and learn more about how we don’t just incorporate your needs into each spa design- our plans and construction revolve around them.

W is for Wedi

The cornerstone of a great custom spa design is quality branded materials that stand the test of time. A spa can be a surprisingly rigorous environment for the building materials used, and despite its therapeutic benefits for you, all that heat and moisture can place stress on the structure if inferior products are used. That’s why we trust Wedi products, which are specifically designed to be used in areas with high heat & moisture. Built to the highest standards, fully customisable and perfectly suited to fitting the ideal custom sauna, Wedi are our brand of choice for creating versatile and innovative spa designs in homes & businesses around the UK.


X is for relaXation

A bit of a stretch perhaps, but such an important factor in wellness surely can’t be ignored! The importance of real, deep relaxation is the cornerstone of most wellness treatments, draining the body of stress and anxieties to create a state of utmost peace and holistic, overall health.

Y is for yoga
Yoga is more popular than ever, and as more and more people gain an awareness of health & fitness as a broader, holistic dimension of wellness, rather than simply relaxation and pampering, more and more wellness spaces are being adapted to these requirements.

Z is for wellness zones
A dedicated wellness space creates a step change in our relation to our surroundings. Whether it’s in a hotel, your own home, a medical treatment centre or elsewhere, the benefit of a carefully-designed space for relaxation, therapy or treatment gives all users a retreat and a recovery area where tension and stress can be absorbed away.