We’re really excited to share our new-look site, which offers a new dimension to our goal of showcasing the amazing work done by our designers and installers. We’re proud to create breathtaking spaces all over the country, for a wide variety of clients from the wellness and hospitality industries to private individuals and property developers. Despite this broad range of clients, and the huge array of cutting-edge technologies we employ in our projects, we believe that spa design should always come back to the individual: those deeply personal, profoundly healing moments of contemplation, relaxation, focus and recovery. This focus on placing the human body at the centre of our designs has allowed us to consistently create remarkable experiences in stunning surroundings. The production of such a wide range of spa treatment facilities to our high standards means understanding not only the technical aspects of such a project, but ultimately the intimate human experience of wellness treatments that lie at the heart of such spaces. We hope this passion for excellence, with focus on the client, and the pursuit of the perfect wellness space comes through on our new site.