Bespoke saunas for your vision of true wellness

We offer custom made sauna facilities tailored for your business: the very latest wellness technology in tandem with innovative design, the finest materials and a flexible, professional installation service. With a Milk Leisure spa facility, you can offer your guests or service users the very finest in luxury wellness, designed by our UK-leading spa architects. We enjoy an enviable reputation for developing & creating stunning interiors using the highest standard of materials, and implementing a versatile, client-focused construction process. Following a design and development process from our experts, our team co-ordinate with our clients to execute an efficient, low-impact construction that installs your new spa facility smoothly and swiftly, minimise the detriment to your business. Our bespoke saunas are created according to your ideal; a manifestation of what our customers feel makes sauna & spa treatments the ultimate in relaxation and wellness. Our carefully-designed and built bespoke saunas provide years of satisfaction while meeting all your requirements & displaying the elegance, style and innovation for which Milk is famous.

Discover for yourself the benefits of a custom made sauna from Milk- a combination of luxurious spa room interior design & cutting edge technology to create the perfect custom made sauna for you. Custom made sauna design from Milk Leisure is the ultimate in relaxation and recovery, combining genuine innovation with extensive experience, dedication and craftsmanship to produce unique spaces to be enjoyed by clients, guests and service users for years. Review our brochure or contact our team today to learn more about how a custom made sauna from Milk Leisure could transform your business.

Spa room interior design born of style without compromise

View our brochure or speak to our team to learn more about the ways in which we can create a life changing spa room: design and creativity combine with experience and engineering skill to produce something truly special. Spa room interior design specialists like Milk can be your best asset in creating a spa that’s striking for its stylishness and comfort, its physical charm combined with ease of use and innovation in design that stands out from the crowd.

Custom made saunas that stand out

Our custom made saunas combine a distinctive flair for style with practical design experience to develop your vision and sculpt the sauna of your dreams. With a design team focused around your needs and dedicated to delivering your project in line with time & budget requirements, over 20 years we’ve mastered the smooth production of stunning, flawless saunas for both private and commercial clients.